A Summer Body is Made in The Spring!

By Raven Rosado

Winter is full of holiday spirit, rich, delicious foods, and it is super easy to hide under your cozy sweaters, and puffy winter coats. Now that it’s spring, and you are trading in your goose feather coat for a denim one, it’s time to get in shape.

Most people’s number one problem area is the belly. However, what most people do not know is that a fat belly often means a fatty liver. According to the Harvard Health Letter of Harvard Medical School, The liver metabolizes. So, the key to losing belly fat is losing that fatty liver. Here’s some ways to get that liver at optimal health, and shed that fat.

Drink a mixture of 2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, 3 tsp of organic lemon juice, with at least 8 oz of water. These two components detoxify the liver and flushes out harmful toxins.

Pick up some dandelion root! You can get it in supplement form or tea form. The liver loves dandelion. It also detoxifies as well. (For taste add a peppermint tea bag)

Try Intermittent Fasting! It spikes insulin, and it also helps the digestive system immensely. Eat within a 12 hr window. For example, do not eat anything before 8am, and do not eat anything after 8pm. Your meals should only be eaten between 8am-8pm. You may choose your own window as long as it’s 12 hours.ProgressPhotos_Feature_Image-752x472

Watch your carbs. Excess carbs can lead to excess fat. There are apps to combat that. My favorite is “My Fitness Pal”. This app tells you how many carbs, protein, fat, and calories you consume in a day. I had a family dinner this past Sunday and it calculated that 50% of my meals for the day were carbohydrates. Now that I know, I will be more mindful of my food choices this week.

Eat foods that are high in fiber. Not only is fiber friends with the liver, it keeps the digestive tract moving, and reduces bloating. Choose fiber rich foods, or additives like flaxseeds and/or chia seeds to your meals. You won’t even taste it.

The best exercise to do is the exercise you are actually going to do. Not everyone can be a gym rat! I personally get bored at the gym. However, that doesn’t stop me from getting my cardio. I choose something fun like dancing. You can burn 200 calories in just 40 minutes by playing the video game “Just Dance”. Choose something that doesn’t feel like working out. You can even burn calories by cleaning up the house. Just stay moving. The “My Fitness Pal” app even counts your steps as well. If you are on a 1,550 calorie diet, and complete 10,000 steps a day (That is not as much as you think) you will average a weightless of 1-2 a week. Always stay moving and choose something that you will not be bored with and give up.

Losing weight does not have to be as difficult as many of us make it. Completing a few life style changes can result in a great outcome. Consistency is key. If you make these changes, you will definitely see some results! You deserve that summer body that you have dreamed about all winter long.  Get off the couch and let’s get started before the temperature reaches 80!

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Graduation Jitters

By Sara Gunn

As news of my pending graduation from college begins to get out to family and friends, I’m constantly asked two of the most simple questions that call for some very difficult answers.

  • What are your plans after graduation?
  • Are you excited to be graduating?

Before I attempt to answer these questions let me state some facts. According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America Survey, millennial’s are the country’s most stressed out generation due to the fact that we face high college tuition costs and exorbitant student loan debt compared to past generations.   There is also stiff competition for jobs as we enter the work force.

So is graduating from college really a reason to celebrate?

The best way I can describe my college experience is to compare it to going on a road trip for the first time.  When I first got to leave home after attending a community college for two years I was excited, anxious AND maybe a little nervous.  As I started my journey and got the hang of the quote “college life” it became a smooth ride, with a built-in GPS for when I got lost. Granted there were a few speed bumps during the journey but I experienced some once in a lifetime memories during the long ride.  I have now reached my final destination, graduation.

As graduation day approaches, I feel like everything is changing.  The thought of leaving behind my college days and entering “the real world” becomes a scary feeling. This is the first time I find myself day dreaming a lot more and constantly asking myself “what’s next in my life?” In high school, there were guidance counselors and parents around to help you decide your next step. Now as college comes to an end I start to realize that what once was a smooth ride down the street is now riddled with pot holes, the speed bumps are starting to become road blocks and the passengers that once filled my car are starting to be replaced with silence.

The pressure to find a job in my field before the 6-month grace period on my student loans will be soon approaching and the mere thought of those loans creep into my head everyday.  I also can’t seem to shake the possibility that I might never, ever work in my field and all of the classroom work, internships and projects that I did was all for nothing.  Even though I feel that my college curriculum prepared me for my field and all of my instructors shared their wisdom and provided me with whatever I needed, I still ask myself, am I ready? Can I do this? Will I make it?

How many of you soon to be college graduates feel the same way? I’d love for you to respond or call me during my show every Tuesday from 11am until 3pm.

Soon to be a college graduate,

Sara Gunn

Big Sean Don in Chicago

 By Jade Krystal

Detroit native and my all time favorite rapper Big Sean decided to bless Chicago on March 31st of this year. It is the day my love and respect for him as an artist grew. His latest album titled “I Decided” was released February 3rd and his performance provided a different side of Sean that people really haven’t heard before.

There are signs of financial, personal and spiritual growth present through out the album and Sean does not disappoint when it comes to the visuals for the album. He also does not disappoint in a live show.  The line was long as eager fans awaited the show and then once we got inside the wait was longer. With MadeInTyo as his opening act, and performing his list of hot singles and getting the crowd amped up for the main attraction was not a problem. My favorite song Big Sean performed was of course “SkateBoard P” and you can enjoy this awesome video as much as I have.

Sean’s album demonstrates much maturity and progression.   I have been to a Big Sean concert when he was just starting and his live performance has improved a lot.  I find his performance simply amazing. The set was basically his album cover brought to life and through out the show we’re aware of his conscience which is what we hear on the album during transitions.  We actually got to see him on a big screen and I enjoyed the lighting during his show because of the purples and blues, which happen to be my favorite colors.

So I had my favorite rapper, favorite colors and favorite drink all in one night! Check out footage and the fly hat I got as a great memory of this concert.




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