How the “Go Blue” State Went Red

By Maggie McCoy


I had always thought it would be exciting to live in a swing state, to have the whole country look to your state on the night of the election. I thought it would thrilling to know that your vote, every vote, matters in this race. But what I learned in this election is that it isn’t fun to be from a swing state. It’s actually the most terrifying thing in the world.

I grew up in Michigan, a state that in my memory has always voted blue. I thought I knew my state. I thought that there was no way a Republican candidate could win our 16 electoral votes. I laughed at anyone who predicted that Michigan would be a state to watch on election night. But as I write this, President-elect Donald Trump has  just been declared the winner of our state. A whole 20 days after election night, the votes have finally been counted.

I view my state differently now. I question who I know that might have voted for Donald Trump. I wonder what drew so many people, people who had similar experiences to me, to this candidate. My whole life, I’ve always seen Republican states as a faraway places; but now I am living in one. It’s a fact I couldn’t believe on election night. As the numbers came in, I kept telling myself, “They haven’t counted Wayne county, Washtenaw county is only 30% in, and Oakland county is always late.”  Michigan wasn’t officially declared on November 8th, so I was able to convince myself that Trump didn’t win my home state. But he did. On November 28th, Donald Trump was declared the winner of Michigan with a 10,704 vote margin.

Now I know my wishes for being in a swing state were misguided. There is nothing exciting about living in uncertainty. There is no glamour in not knowing what your next-door neighbor is truly thinking.  I would gladly give up any excitement of being in a swing state to get my boring true-blue state back.

To learn more about how Michigan voted Republican, read here:

Pfil’s Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

By Pfil Fujiwara

The way I see things, there are two types of people in the world: Those who buy breakfast sandwiches in the morning, and those who aren’t too afraid to make ’em themselves! Safe to say, I identify with the latter.

imagesLook, we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I think it’s about time we treated it that way! Here’s a recipe for one of my go-to breakfast meals and I call it…”Pfil’s Easy Breakfast Sandwich.”

Before we get started, there are a few things you will need. Gather these ingredients:

img_20521 Large Egg

2 Slices of Turkey Bacon

2 Slices of Bread

1 Tablespoon of Butter

1 Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil

Got all that? Great! Let’s get cooking!

First, I want you to heat up a pan to medium heat and drizzle in your vegetable oil. Once the pan is nice and hot, throw in your turkey bacon and let that sit for a bit. Give it some time and then flip it to get the other side crispy. It should take about 7 minutes on each side.

While that’s cooking, I want you to take ONE slice of your bread – ONLY DO THIS WITH ONE SLICE – and cut a small hole in the middle of it, just like I did below.


Now, I want you to go and use that butter. In another pan, we’re going to melt down this butter at medium-low heat.

Once the butter’s melted and your pan is hot, go ahead and put that beautiful holy bread (like, hole-y… not blessed) and crack your egg right into that bad boy’s center.

Let that cook for about 3 minutes and then CAREFULLY flip it. The egg should still be runny on the top side, so make sure you don’t fling egg whites across the stove top.

By now, we should be good to flip our turkey bacon! Yum!

Now I need you to go back to the egg and bread! Throw the other slice of bread in the pan with the bread-egg combo. The butter in there is going to make one heck of a tasty crust around the slice.


After another 3 minutes or so, your egg bread and plain bread should be ready to flip. So go ahead and do that. Your egg should be cooking nicely and a beautiful golden brown should start forming on your bread.

Okay, keep your pan organized this way. DON’T move the bread – we want the slices right next to each other. Go ahead and sprinkle in some cheese if you’d like (I use a tasty Monterey Jack) and transfer your crispy Turkey Bacon directly onto your egg!

Carefully flip the simple bread onto the other components of your tasty breakfast sandwich like so:

Cool! The sandwich is just about done, but I want you to let that sit and cook like this for just a bit longer. Really let those flavors come together.

After about a minute – that’s all it takes – take your sandwich out and serve it with a nice hot cup of joe!  img_2071

There you have it! That’s my easy breakfast sandwich! Eat it at home or on the go, but whatever you do, don’t stop by your local fast food joint for a similar product with less love and flavor!

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The SpongeBob Musical: It’s Not Guys in Big Foam Costumes

By Jazmine Chartrand



The SpongeBob Musical…I know what you’re thinking.  It’s going to be a lame musical for kids where the people on stage are wearing silly, bulky costumes made out of foam.



It’s something totally new. You’re immersed in a Bikini Bottom made of found objects that might sink to the bottom of the ocean- blue pool noodles, beach balls, pipes & tubes, tires, food cans, kiddie pools, hula-hoops, and garlands of flip flops. The characters themselves are just people dressed in normal clothes with special tweaks to make their characters come to life. There’s so many things about this musical that make it different.

They bring everything you expect.

That one fish that always shouts, “My leg!” in the show? He’s there. That French narrator dude? He’s there too. Sandy makes random similes about life. They do karate (or care-rah-tay). There’s jokes for adults and kids alike. The creators of the musical tried to jam-pack this thing with the details that make the TV show worthwhile. SPOILER ALERT: A certain number one fan of SpongeBob‘s is there to see the musical as well.

The music is unique.

The whole score is basically one big collaborative love letter to SpongeBob by renowned musical artists like Aerosmith, Panic! At The Disco, Cyndi Lauper, and John Legend to name a few. There’s even a song by David Bowie. The musical includes a bunch of different styles and genres of music just like the TV show.  And to set the mood while your finding your seat, the musical includes quirky little tunes on bongo drums and kazoos.

It’s fun!

Yes! Really! It’s fun to watch, cheer, and kinda participate in the show. It’s like you’re inside Bikini Bottom with them instead of watching it on a screen. You can’t help but smile when Patrick and SpongeBob sing a song about being BFFs or when men in pink flapper costumes dance across the stage. The show pushes the theme to find the best in all situations, even the bad ones, and to stick with your friends when they need you the most. The show’s co-creator and director, Tina Landau, says, “SpongeBob is a presence and a spirit that is here to say ‘Lets have the best day ever'” and the show truly gives you that.

spongebob 2I recommend this musical to both children and adults alike.

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