Dance. Dance. Party. Party. – Afrobeta


It’s Matthew Malone – On-air and general misfit of WCRX FM.

This past weekend, I went out to check out this new artist, Afrobeta, that we’ve got running on the station for their live show at Lincoln Hall.

They’ve had an EP kicking around since last July, the appropriately titled “Do You Party EP”, and to answer your first question:  Yes.  They do party.
In fact, they made a capacity crowd ready for an all-night dance session party until even myself, as the humble viewer and photographer, was all sweaty.  (I’m tall.  I don’t dance.  Get over it.)

In all honesty, though, this is one of those bands you have to see live to enjoy at full capacity.  Their EP is good, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t transfer kinetic energy via a digital download.  But when you’re in a room with 2500 people and dancing to this powerful funky electro pop – you can definitely feel it.
The music, of course, but especially the vocals.

Cuci Amador, the vocalist, has one of the most demanding voices in pop music.  A huge stage presence for a duo behind synths.  (And Smurphio has a giant afro and Elvis-esque suit that demands just as much attention)

The only analogy I can possibly think of that people could understand:
If one of 2010’s hottest and loudest new acts, Sleigh Bells, played Electro/Funk/Pop instead of aggressive Indie Rock… then you get Afrobeta.  Just as loud.  Just as much fun, but a ton easier to dance to.

You can hear the song “As Long As You Like” from the new EP playing on WCRX FM!
And check out their wares at


Click for Full Size
Click for Full Size


Sidenote: Along with a bunch of local Chicago Djs and Arists playing this night was a Dj from Chicago’s own Midnight Conspiracy – a group that has been bringing a huge new following around the city and a recent world tour.

It’s safe to say that any event they’re a part of will be an amazing event – I have never seen a crowd whose feet stayed on the floor for their set, so when you see them in the city, check it out.

You can also catch their remix of another Chicago artist, Moneypenny, on WCRX FM with Moneypenny “Destroy (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)”

Midnight Conspiracy - Mikul

You like those songs?  Call and request them anytime – 312.663.3512!

As always, feel free to check out my personal blogsite for more of everything…

-Matthew Malone


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