Radio Graffiti 2011

Join WCRX for our latest installment of Radio Graffiti.  WCRX’s Nicki Bulter hosts the audio magazine featuring the work of student from Journalism, Audio Arts and Acoustics and Radio Departments, as well as showcasing selected essays from the Create: The Essay Collaboration with the First Year Writing  Program and the Radio Department.

Part One
Dowload from iTunes
The Carriers (download)
Julie Peters
is a carrier a genetic condition, known of Fragile X, is a syndrome which causes mental retardation.  The Carriers by Kevin Peters,  explores the ripple effects on Julie’s family and how her son humbles them all.

Horses Healing Humans (download)
Desi Craig has been living with cerebral palsy and a major depressive disorder which seem to lessen when she gets on a horse.   In this documentary, Horses Healing Humans, producer Max Foszcz gives us this audio postcard where a twelve hundred pound mare gives her the healing effects no doctor can.

All Dogs go to Heaven (download)
Last fall, radio producer Danielle Ezell and several people accompanied by their dogs came together on a beach on Lake Michigan for a ceremony.   Some come for healing, others hope to be joined in the afterlife with their furry companion.

Auditorium Theater Tour (download)
One of the architectural crown jewels of Chicago is the Auditorium Theater at the corner of Congress Parkway and Michigan Avenue.  WCRX’s Mark Munger went on a tour of this treasure.

Mr Domino and The Numero Group (download)
At seventeen, Mr. Domino found himself with a record deal and a single climbing the charts. Then, life threw him a few curve balls, forcing his musical aspirations to be placed on the shelf for 35 years until  one special phone call from a Chicago reissue label called The Numero Group. WCRX’s Nick Myers has the story.

Man One (download)
What was once a symbol of urban decay, graffiti has shown up in galleries Journalism Major, Rachel Syms is from the Los Angeles Area.  She met up with street artist and gallery owner Man One to talk about the evolution of this artform.

Rockin’ at Alice’s(download)
Whether it’s for stress relief from work, a night of laughs, or a warm up before your big American Idol audition, there is one thing guaranteed, Fred Wood has got your song.  Journalism Major Nicholas Thompson gives us a closer look at karaoke in Rockin’ at Alice’s.

The Basement (download)

When LaVonte Battle was a child, harmonious sounds blasted up from his basement. These tunes helped LaVonte shape his identity through music and the essay The Basement tells his journey.

Part Two
Download from iTunes

Why We’re Here (download)
150 fighters gather in the room. The air is filled with camaraderie, competition, and monk-like concentration.   Noah Vandercook of Audio Arts and Acoustics brings us this piece on the passion of Gamers.

Top Floor. Please! (download)

George Pasklev moved to the states to go to Columbia.  In his essay Top Floor, Please!, George’s struggle as an international student to redefine what he calls home.

Paradise Lost (download)
In this work, Audio Arts and Acoustics Major, Mike Woo explores July 23,1967, the day Paradise was lost.

Yoga Healing the Past  (download)
At the age of 19, Nicole Butler lost my mother to suicide, for her engaging in the very activity her mothers life was consumed by, brought the most healing.

With or Without (download)
One simple choice can alter the existence of not only you, but of those around you. Life can be changed in seconds, in the case of Brooke Larsen, 57 seconds. She shares this story in her personal essay, With or Without.

Menace to Society (download)
As tough as people may seem the truth is, life is fragile and humans are fragile. To stare death in the face and pick yourself up is an experience few live to tell.  In the documentary Menace to Society, producer Calie Lyons chronicles the story of James Lyons, his family and the day they almost lost him.

Ballad of a Best Friend (download)
A best friend knows your secrets, your short falls and loves you anyway. They show up when you’re in need and when your not.  In his essay, Ballad of a Best Friend, Adam Schimdt’s writes that without his best friend he wouldn’t be alive today.

Ink (download)
With each tattoo, comes a unique tale to be told.  Radio Major, Matthew Malone brings us into a tattoo shop where stories never stop.


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