MTV’s Teen Mom Baby Mama Drama

MTV’s Teen Mom is coming out with its third season in a couple of weeks, and what do you know, you can expect more drama.  Except I wouldn’t really call it “teen drama” anymore considering some of the girls are hitting their 20’s.  The show consists of four young women who are going through the troubles and struggles of raising their toddlers.  I think this show is showing young high school girls it’s hard to raise a baby, but also shows how these young moms get publicity and get to be on TV which makes other girls want to follow in their footsteps. In my opinion, girls are purposely trying to get pregnant in hopes they can one day be on this show.

What they see on TV is not even half of what goes on in a real life.  From dealing with telling your parents the news to trying to keep a happy relationship with the baby daddy, there is nothing glamorous about teen pregnancy.  Whatever happened to the music on MTV anyway?  Rather than, showing 16-year-olds getting knocked up, I think MTV should go back to their old roots and play what they were made to play; music.

~Lauren Karcz


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