Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s suicide attempt only proves that MTV’s Teen Mom is too much.

Recently, 20-year-old Amber Portwood was found in her home unconscious after alleged an suicide attempt. Portwood lost custody of her 2-year-old daughter, Leah after pleading guilty to domestic violence charges, stemming from an incident with her former boyfriend and Maci Bookout divorced her ex-husband after just a few months of being married and now is taking care of twins on her own.  This season will consist of going deeper into the girls’ lives while they confront old wounds, struggle to further their education, face strained relationships and strive to give their children the best life possible.  This show has increased MTV’s ratings along with making the young women who are part of the show, stars.  Earning over six figures these girls really aren’t showing the true way of raising a child considering they have enough money now to afford a child.  Granted their youth has been taken from them, but that doesn’t hold some of them back from going out and getting wild.  I think MTV needs to re-evaluate of what they play on MTV and girls need to realize getting pregnant at a young age is nothing fabulous.  They should start making shows of college graduates and show where they can end up if they get an education and work hard.  Parenting is for 30-year-olds not awkward careless teenagers.

~Lauren Karcz


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