“Music is the Medicine”

“Bonnaroo” took place last weekend down in Manchester, Tennessee where thousands of music lovers came together as a whole to enjoy a weekend of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.  This festival has been going on for ten years now and just keeps getting better each year.
Acts like Eminem, My Morning Jacket, Lil Wayne and Robert Plant are only
a few of the artists that performed at this years festival along with hundreds
of other acts.  Young concert goers from all over the nation packed up their “road trip necessities” and took the long haul down south to Tennessee
where they would spend the next four days in extreme heat, but with people of
their kind.  In my opinion, music festivals are something not everyone can handle, especially when it includes camping.  90 degree heat, $10.00 to take
a shower and Port-o- potties are what the weekend consists of.  Not to mention sleeping on the hard ground in a two person tent.  If you can get past though, Bonnaroo is an experience of a lifetime.  A place where you can let your mind be free with smoke filling your lungs and music slowly passing through your body, this music festival is a sweet escape for the music junkies.

I attended Bonnaroo back in 09’ and had an amazing time.  From the road trip part to seeing Nine Inch Nails phenomenal performance, Bonnaroo was an experience I will never
forget.  Although I was unable to attended this years event, I’m glad I at least to go to it once.  It was hotter than hell when I went, not to mention the tornado sirens were going off the night we got there, but that’s what makes it fun and has you realize you’re living life to the fullest.  21 hours out of the day music is playing constantly of all sorts of genres.  One
of my favorite parts was something known as “Silent Disco.”  This included a DJ playing music, but you were given a pair of headphones before you went in so only the music was going through your ears rather than throughout the tent.  Everyone was in their own world swaying and dancing to the sweet beats being played. Bonnaroo also has other activities people can enjoy, such as air conditioned movie tents, stand up comedians, and arts and crafts.  This music festival is probably the closest thing I will ever get to the original Woodstock and I’m sure it’s not even half of what Woodstock
was.  Either way, I highly recommend if you’re young and have no baggage attached to you attend next year’s event!

~Lauren Karcz


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