I already had my “Taste” and I did not like it.

That time of year, is here yet again in Chicago. Street closures, more packed than usual public transportation, and Metra cars, and oh YES a ridiculous amount of people. I’m talking about the Taste of Chicago. Now, while I have only gone once and they have made changes to the way things are done. The desire has never crept up again to mill around with bugs flying all over, over priced tastes that are at times served at the same temperature, don’t even try to eat ice cream, because you will be wearing it before your first lick.  Now where there is entertainment every year from music legends Stevie Wonder in ’07, and Loretta Lynn this year…it still does not pull me in.

The draw of the whole sample many different cuisines all in one place….does not hit home since I live in the city and can pop in at any time to these featured restaurants and eat a whole plate of the food that is offered.  The Taste is made for tourists and my recommendation is for it to remain that way. If you are in town visiting welcome and enjoy; for my money I’ll make a reservation at a restaurant and enjoy my meal without the added flavor of someone else’s sweat……

Far it be it from me to stop you though, if you choose to go check this link: http://www.explorechicago.org/city/en/supporting_narrative/events___special_events/special_events/park_district/Taste_of_Chicago.html for a full schedule of entertainment and restaurants that are offered.


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