Planking by @mauer_power7

Nicki Butler and Joe Lundstrom Planking the day away at WCRX-FM

What is Planking exactly? It’s a stupid Internet sensation that is picking up momentum around the world… that’s what it is. Planking is the act of lying facedown for a photograph. The term planking originated from Australia but it’s actually just another name for ‘the lying down game’ (Seriously). The simple specific instructions:  put your body face down to the ground or table, or object, or anything with your arms to the side and lie down in a public place.  Sound easy? That’s because it is.
The act itself is to lie down on the ground. Anybody can do that, right? That’s why kids are getting crazier and crazier. You get creativity points for planking in odd places like trees branches or escalators or animals! Or even balls. The more wild you get, the ‘better’ the picture will be.

I’m not exactly sure what to make of this Internet sensation but I can’t help to laugh at people “pretending” to be a piece of wood. There are over 180,000 followers on the planking Facebook site and growing.  With so much popularity, planking took an unfortunate turn when an Australian man fell 7 stories after attempting to “plank” on top of a hotel.

When does an Internet craze go to far? Is planking even that funny?
Tell me what do you think?  I’d like to hear from you on my Facebook page or give me a call at (312) 663-3512 during my show every Friday afternoon from 3 to 7pm only on WCRXFM!



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