Cup Size Controversy

Starbucks debuted a new size to their drink list Tuesday…and
like anything else in our world it was greeted with plenty of criticism. Not criticism that it still takes the average customer at least a minute to order a drink, but that the new “Trenta” size….31oz of your favorite beverage, may be too many calories. Is this really what bothers people, when employment is
approaching 10%, college costs are through the roof, and teachers are being laid-off?

The fact of the matter is Starbucks is only offering the lower calorie, iced coffee, tea and lemonade in the “Trenta” size. While we as Americans are unhealthy I can find 30 other
things that are worse than a 31oz cup of joe with whip cream.  If we all spent less time worrying about everyone else and where more active with our lives this conversation would become irrelevant. Grab tickets to a show, go to the beach, or take a nice long
walk or bike ride. The “Trenta” will not kill you, but the stress worrying about every morsel you put in your mouth eventually will. Go big or go home, and then take a nice bike ride around your city or town to burn it off.


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