Weird Al is at it again…@spencerontheair

“Weird Al” Yankovic just released his Lady Gaga parody song of “Born This Way”.

When Weird Al was initially seeking permission to use the song, he was denied by Gaga’s manager. It seems that Gaga’s manager never asked the Lady herself. Eventually Gaga found out that Weird Al wanted to parody her song, and said that it was a great idea and gave him permission.

In a blog posting, Weird Al said that he wanted the parody to be non-offensive. “I try not to do parodies that are in bad taste, and the fact that “Born This Way” was a gay rights anthem, I felt a little strange poking fun at it.” To make sure that no one would get mad at him for parodying a song like “Born This Way”, Yankovic announced that he is donating all of the proceeds that the song makes to the Human Rights Campaign.

Do you think Weird Al still has his funny bone? Watch “Perform This Way” and decide for yourself.


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