World-Class Music We Can All Afford by @RubyRedRadio

It’s no secret that Chicago is home to a vibrant and magnificent music scene. The musical history of this city is fascinating, and new, creative groups and projects come together every day. If you play your cards right, you could catch a world-class live show every night of the week. Only one thing might stand in your way of enjoying all that Chicago has to offer: money, or lack there of.

Being a college student, you can bet I’ve missed my fair share of to-die-for shows simply because I couldn’t fork over the cash for a ticket. Soon after I moved here, I began searching for an alternative to $20-$80 shows. Believe it or not, there are venues that actually offer free live music. One of those venues, The Skylark Lounge, has partnered with with The Ratchet Series to bring free, live jazz and experimental music to the public every Monday starting at 10 PM.

You can find me there almost every week after I wrap up “Call it Anything” (Monday nights, 7-9 on WCRX FM), with a basket of The Skylark’s signature crispy tater tots and a tall, delicious cider. While there’s no cover, the donation basket will come around once or twice. The suggested donation is $5 but anything you can give will be appreciated, and you can bet all your money will go to the musicians, not the owner of the bar. Attending one of these shows is a great way to support local and national musicians, as well as Chicago’s developing south side. Plus, you can’t beat the price.   Skylark Lounge, 2149 S. Halsted Street, Chicago


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