Iceland Airwaves: Forgotten Lores @ Gaukur à Stöng

In the lightly dimmed room at Gaukur à Stöng people were finally making their way from the bar to stage. Fridirk Dor an R&B artists, had just performed and next up was Forgotten Lores, also know as FL.

Forgotten Lores a Reykjavík hip-hop group founded in 2000 is made up of five members: Byrkir, Diddi Fel, Class B, Introbeats and DJ B-Ruff. Two of them being DJs and three being MCs, made their way to the stage. It was not the typical “gangster looking” hip-hop artists that those in the U.S are use to seeing. There were no baggy jeans or Nike high-top gym shoes to catch my eye, it was actually when they starting putting together their set.

The crowd waited patiently for the show to begin. While the DJs practiced their scratching, it reminded me of being back at home, bumping to an almost Old School ’90s hip-hop track, with plenty of bass.

FL’s beats were excellent, the group has a knack for creating infectious dope beats and combining that with the complicated Icelandic language. Their presence was certainly noticeable since the crowd was moving their hands up and down, the MCs moved, danced and jumped all around the stage, never getting tired. It was hands down the best hip-hop music I’ve heard so far in Iceland. Class B lead MC said, “We are the best simply because we have a core and a friendship to work together as artists. We show that through the music, we give back to people who have our support, you know? We don’t make money doing this, we all have other jobs and [stuff], so it drives us and good hip-hop continues to be what we focus on.” FL is currently working on their third LP, bringing their sound and audience with them into the unknown, a trip most definitely worth taking.


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