Day Two, Dining in Iceland: Oodles of Noodles

Stumbling around in an unknown city my feet took me in the direction of Núðluskálin, or The Noodle Bowl. A small restaurant, fitting only five tables, with barely 25 seats. This little space packed a large amount of flavor. When you think of a dish of noodles you may think of ‘Ramen’ or Italian Spaghetti yet Núðluskálin makes full pasta dishes that satisfy your stomach without breaking the bank.

Noodles on Land: Chicken Satay- but more...noodle-y

(E) Noodles on Land: Egg Noodles with chicken peanuts, bean sprouts topped with julienned leeks. Filling noodle dish layered with crunchy peanuts and fresh vegetables. A slight hint of spice but not an unbearable sensation. This dish was finished with a splash of fresh lime juice added by the consumer.

Gwiddíáw Domm Kha: Better than 'Mom's Chicken Noodle"

(C) Gwiddíáw Domm Kha: The chief and ‘waiter’ politely clarified the pronunciation as “dome- kah.” This light, yet filling, soup featured rice noodles and large pieces of chicken in a coconut broth. The broth made of chicken stock and a dash of coconut milk, is not the same salty “chicken-noodle soup” Americans are used to. However the broth was peppery, creamy yet not thick and had a light ginger after taste. It was topped with red pepper, carrots and cilantro, and also finished with a wedge of lime.

not too spicy but hot enough to excite you
Noodles in a Fen: So Fresh- So... Yummy

(I) Noodles in a Fen: more fresh egg noodles with chicken tossed in a soy infused coconut sauce doused in peanuts. Fresh red peppers, carrots, leek, cilantro and, of course, finished with a slice of lime.

Grab a chilled Coke and you are set! SO! If you forgot to pack your Ramen don’t fret; Núðluskálin has you covered. For less than $15 you can have a delicious meal that keeps you satisfied all day long. Not enough? For the menu, address and other great photos visit their website.


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