Curren$y’s ‘Weekend at Burnies’ Go Bounce by Sean Alexander

When one thinks of the title Weekend At Burnie’s, you probably think of a dead man dancing to reggae music.  Me on the other hand, immediately thinks of Curren$y’s 2011 release under the same title. On his sixth studio album New Orleans’s rapper Curren$y The Hot Spitta sticks to the basics and gives us our usual dose of fast cars, dope beats, beautiful women, covert like punch lines, and most of all…weed talk. Though rhymes centered around the previously stated content can be quitelets sayrepetitive, Curren$y keeps his listeners satisfied with lines like, “ Twisting them Fern Gully Tree’s/ Bi#$% Breath/ Your Man Smoking Good I’m Smoking Great/ THC Tony The Tiger Certified These Flakes.”

What I appreciate most about Curren$y outside of his lyrical wit is his beat selection ability. Each project Curren$y releases sounds nothing like others.  We’ve heard him rap over Alchemist’s broken boom bap style on Covert Coup (Spring 2011) and we’ve heard him go insane over Ski Beats psychedelic production on Pilot Talk II (Winter 2010).

Weekend At Bernie’s was produced entirely by Monsta Beatz who somehow channels a little bit of that famous New Orleans’s bounce into their production. For those who have never heard Curren$y’s music, you’re in for a real treat if you ask me because his beats and style are extremely pleasing to the ear and he seems to feel comfortable on every track. You can’t always say that about rappers these days but what you can say is that Curren$y is the front-runner of the New School. I mean name a rapper who has released as many major projects worth listening to in one year.

Though Curren$y doesn’t go too far out of his comfort zone on the hazy and extremely laid back “Weekend At Bernie’s” its exciting to hear how at home and original he comes across. “Weekend at Bernie’s” is a must have for your iPod playlist or the disc you pop in on the freeway to test out your sound system as well as your motor.


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