Six Flags ‘Fright Fest’ Frightens The Wallet by David Sparacio

Recently, I went to Six Flags Great America Fright Fest in Gurnee, IL.  The last time I went to Fright Fest, I had to be around 7 years old, so I don’t remember much about the event.  The one thing I do remember is not spending any money because at that time my parents paid for everything (boy do I miss that).
This time I went, I spent $46 for the ticket, processing fees, and whatever other fees they tagged on.  Might I add, if you don’t buy your ticket online, and instead buy it at the gate, it costs $60!  On top of that, my three buddies and I decided to go all out and get the Gold Flash Pass.  That cost $45, and that was at a discounted rate because we bought the group package. I spent 6 more dollars on a pretzel minus the cheese and forked over another 6 bucks for a small cup of Banana Split Dippin’ Dots.  I also chipped in 20-dollars for parking and gas.
As I’m writing this blog, I realize that I have spent a whopping $123 at Great America!  For the experience that I had, it’s just not worth that price.
As you enter the gate of Six Flags they might as well tell you in the nicest tone possible, “Hi, welcome to Six Flags.  Now please give us all your money”.   Despite the cost, I did enjoy all of the decorations they had.  They really dress up every square foot of the park.  All of the lights were changed to a different color, and I liked all the bloody disfigured manikins.  They also had real life people dressed up in scary costumes walking around the park.
Overall, Fright Fest is a good experience for little kids who have parents with  deep pockets but it’s not a great investment for a poor college kid.   Happy Halloween!


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