The Bitter Twitter Fiasco by @JakeRadio

Last week Maroon 5’s lead vocalist, Adam Levine, tweeted, what some could say, unprofessional statements regarding Fox News playing the band’s music. Adam tweeted the following on the popular social network, “Dear Fox News, don’t play our music on your evil f**king channel ever again. Thank you.”
One could imagine a big rock star stirring up controversy and Fox News would leave it at that, right? WRONG! Fox’s late night “Red Eye” news anchor’s Andy Levy and Greg Gutfeld not only responded, but responded with words equally as bitter as Adam’s. Levy was the first to reply, “Dear @AdamLevine, don’t make crappy f**king music ever again. Thank you,”.
As if that tweet wasn’t embarrassment enough for a middle-aged anchorman to post, Greg quickly followed Levy in the bitter twitter fiasco making comments such as, “Dear adam, That’s not music.” and, “Fun joke: why did Maroon 5 cross the road? because crappy music is legal there! @adamlevine.”
In all, none of the put-downs, disses, burns, whatever one may call these remarks of informal criticism, were very funny. Although it really doesn’t make it right for a rock star to make such ridicules claims informally, it is very typical behavior as they often portray the, “F**K IT,” attitude; but for two news anchors who are supposed to be mature, credible, professional men who hold themselves to higher standards, this behavior is not the norm. It’s safe to say rock star rebel, or professional news anchor; both parties went about the situation in bad taste. Despite the bitter twitter fiasco, Maroon 5’s hit single “Moves Like Jagger” has been #1 on The Jake Chandler Show’s Top 20 Countdown for the last 5 weeks in a row.


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