Footloose The Remake by @erikzonair

Cut loose your hesitations and go see the new movie Footloose! This 2011 remake, starring Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough, takes the 1984 storyline of the first film and modernizes it. I have to say that I was impressed with how true to form the new picture stuck to the original plot, creating what I would describe as nothing short of a tasteful adaption. The fact that the movie has a cast of relatively young and new actors (excluding Dennis Quaid of course) works in it’s favor by saying “hey we’re not trying to replace or out do the original, we’re just making a version that may be more appealing to a more modern age group.”
Hollywood unknown, Miles Teller who plays Willard, absolutely steals the show with his dead-on comedic timing and his overall physical acting ability (slightly reminding us of the Shia LaBeouf that we miss from Evan Stevens). The dancing is nothing short of flawless. Yes, the majority of the actors (including the two leads) are classically trained dancers but nonetheless it is the one aspect that truly leaves Keven Bacon’s version back in the 80’s. 

The soundtrack which incorporates nearly every original Footloose song, also throws a bit of the 21st century ‘into the mix’ with Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” and other contemporary songs. In the end when it comes down to it, YES, this movie is a remake and NO, it will never be able to take the place of the original but I personally believe that it is as good as a remake can get.
As much as it may pain the 1984 Footloose fans, it is a very well produced film that I highly recommend seeing, if for no other reason than to just say that you gave it a shot although I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  
The 2011 Footloose has done a great job at keeping a somewhat dated plot alive for just a few more decades. That is until Footloose 4D comes out.


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