Pearl Jam 20

Pearl Jam 20 contains amazing footage of the bands live shows and the behind the scenes give you a look of the band that not too many people get to see. The documentary, directed by Cameron Crowe  starts with the band’s original form as Mother Love Bone, who was on the cusp of stardom, when their lead singer Andy Wood overdosed. The band uncertain of their future and didn’t know what direction to go. They put together a rough demo, but had no lead singer. The demo found its way to Eddie Vedder and they met a week later. Within another week the band played their first show and as they say the rest is rock n’ roll history.

If you are a music lover, you’ll enjoy this film. I’m already a fan of Pearl Jam, but after watching this, I want to go out and buy all of their records. I know that next time they are in town, I will be there. This film shows how loyal their fans are and how real the band members are. I can talk about this film and their career all day long.  After viewing this film I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. I highly recommend checking this documentary out.


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