Responsibility of Media Professionals

Paul Chiavavalle and Illinois Sec of State Jesse White

Each year the President of the college makes a donation to support the Chicago Food Depository.  Paul Chiaravalle is the associate vice president and Chief of Staff for the President’s office at Columbia College Chicago and joined us for the festivities.   

Dr. Robin Bargar is joining us for his first Holly Jolly Trolley this year.  Besides being the new Dean of the school of Media Arts, he is an accomplished composer.  He joins us to talk about how media arts professionals can give back to their community in different ways, what he is doing for the holidays now that he is back in Chicago, as well as what he is listening to on his iPod. 

Barbara Calabrese has been at the helm of the Radio Department for nearly a decade.  Over the course of the tenure she has overseen a dramatic change in the radio industry.  But through all that, the role of the broadcast professional has stayed the same, the responsibility to give back to the community we serve. 


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