Grab your noodles, it’s time to Wrestle

Skates (check)

Helmet (check)

……Spaghetti sauce…uhhh (check?)

Chicago Outfit Roller Derby is serving up some spaghetti for the Greater Chicago Food Depository but not in the traditional sense. Think jello wrestling but add a kiddie size pool of spaghetti, a DJ,  and tattoo’d girls in nylons. This ultimate food fight goes down Saturday April 7th at Double Door in Wicker Park. $5 with non perishable food item gets you in the door, $7 without. Doors open at 9pm, Wrestling kicks off around 10pm.

If you’re not already sold Chicago Outfit skaters Rude E Huxtable and Dinaosaurs Rex stopped by WCRX and talked to DJ Narz about spaghetti wrestling, the origin of derby names, and some misconceptions about roller derby (thank you Ellen Page).


2 thoughts on “Grab your noodles, it’s time to Wrestle”

    1. I thought of it while I was working at Exit. I was trying to think of a fundraiser that would be more fun then everyone just hanging out at a bar….and after some brainstorming with my fellow bartenders and barbacks….Spaghetti Wrestling was born!

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