GET READY! So many surprises, so much excitement! We will be coveringPitchfork Music Festival July 13th-15th at Union Park right here on WCRX 88.1 FM The Scene.

Kicking off the Pitchfork coverage, The Scene‘s, Nicki Butler, talked with Pitchfork President Christopher Kaskie about new editions to the fest, what “indie” means in 2012, and his must-see bands for this weekend.

For the very first artist interview for Pitchfork 2012The Scene‘s, Becky Nystedt, spoke with Nigel Dennis, of Chicago-based indie/rock/experimental band, A Lull. The band has been quite busy with touring, the release of their newest EP Meat Mountain, and continuing writing music. A Lull will be playing at Pitchfork this Sunday at 1pm on the Blue Stage.


So much music and so much rain!! Despite the weather, the festival began. The very first band to kick off Pitchfork 2012 was Chicago’s very own psych rock quintet, Outer Minds …and might I say, they put on a KILLER show. Later on, WCRX-FM The Scene‘s Becky Nystedt, met up with guitarist, Zach Medearis, to chat about their very first performance at P4K, the band’s new music on the way, and upcoming performances.


Willis Earl Beal took Blue Stage shortly after Outer Minds, I was excited to see two local Chicago acts back to back. Beal grabbed, wait scratch that, commanded the crowds attention immediately with a powerful a capella riff that felt way more potent to my ears than anything I’ve heard from him. His performance was accompanied by a reel-to-reel backing track, which kept the rusty aesthetic set on his full-length XL release Acousmatic Sorcery. The performance was really the best of both worlds the festival setting allowed for his voice to really boom and be set free something his recordings don’t do justice at times.

Set highlight: “Blue Escape,” hands down.


A$AP Rocky came with the thunder literally! The first soaking of the weekend (thanks mother nature). The crowd rarely flinched as the rain poured in of only it lifted up their spirits and solidified the weekends tone wet and wild. A$AP knows how to get on Chicago’s good side bringing out L.E.P Bogus Boys and Spenzo to hype up the crowd and it worked—“Goldie” and “Pe$o” have these hipsters a head noddin’.

Set highlight: A$AP calling himself ” That pretty motherf–ker” at-least 10 times.

Big K.R.I.T loves to remind us how good southern rap was in the late-90’s early part of the double O’s as I like to call it. I try to fight this point because let’s be honest (95% of it wasn’t ) However, once he dropped “ Live from the Underground” I was in total agreement of his opening statement. Where A$AP Rocky admitted he was only here to party not perform K.R.I.T along with his hypeman (who could pose as a Pimp C doppelganer) brought some real hip-hop to Pitchfork–No offence to the A$AP faithful.

Set highlight: “Money on the Floor”, most def!


Starting off day 2 of Pitchfork 2012, Chicago psychedelic metal band, The Atlas Moth, took the blue stage. Their extensive musical compositions were definitely alluring. It was really surprising when half-way through, the band invited two horn players on stage.. I felt this combination created an uneasy, animalistic presence. With the raspy-doom vocals and a heavy drumming half-time feel, I felt as if I were the “Moth” drawn to a light during the set.

It seemed like The Atlas Moth‘s dark metal performance gathered rain clouds, and it began POURING for the second day in a row.. this didn’t stop fest goers, though! We then caught power-pop Ohio band, Cloud Nothing‘s performance where it continued to rain..ironically enough (the band name was too accurate in relation to the weather!!) After a bit of delay and taking shelter from the intense rain, the sun began beating down, and multi-genre producer/DJ, Flying Lotus, threw down his crazy beats. Mixing in some Jay-Z and Tyler the Creator tracks, the dance party started!

We then caught post-hardcore indie rock group, Wild Flag, tearing up the stage!.. those chicks definitely tore up the stage! I loved the performance of their song, “Romance,” when singer/guitarist, Carrie Brownstein exclaimed, “Not all of our songs are about love…but this one is.” I was blown away by this band, and felt the “girl power” motto coming back. This proved true when sassy-in-your-face singer, Alexis Krauss, of Sleigh Bells went on right after. With her raw vocals, plus loud overdrive-guitar riffs, I felt the power duo energize the entire crowd with their crazy breakdowns.

We caught the long awaited act for P4K Day 2, none other then London’s electronic experimental rockers, Hot Chip…and yes, I was SO “Ready For The Floor” to dance when they took the stage! Hot Chip get the crowd moving with “Don’t Deny Your Heart.” They’re absolutely excellent live, and one band at Pitchfork Fest that can get everyone dancing, even the most awkward of hipsters.


Day 3 of Pitchfork… The dragonflies are hugely terrifying and it’s a grueling 92 degrees out in the sun.. BUT at least it’s not raining! One of the first performances that kicked off the final day of the festival was A Lull. Chicago bands represent!! “Weapons of War,” was a definite favorite of mine…they are such a percussive, entrancing group.

I then made my way over to the green stage, where Danish post-punk band, Iceage, rocked the stage. I can’t get over the fact that these guys are all roughly my age and are playing in a different country at a pretty big music festival..very “cool!”..After, I caught The Men‘s performance back at the blue stage. It started out great as the guitarist riffed Van Halen’s, “Jump,” as they were just tuning up.


File this next one under “stuff you don’t see everyday.” Blue stage was sweltering for Black Hippy rapper Kendrick Lamar to hit the stage. Lamar’s hype man set the tone proper with Kanye and Jay-Z’s N*ggas in Paris followed by some A$AP Rocky, and Dr. Dre. It felt like a good old fashion solid hip-hop set . Next thing you know twitter is bananas over claiming Lady GaGa being at Lamar’s set. I had moved on to catch AraabMuzik (kicking self for not waiting 10 more minutes).

This strange connection isn’t totally out of the blue. Lady Gaga recently tweeted at Kendrick Lamar, “Listening to ‘The Recipe.’ Can your new album come out now so I can go out to clubs and dance again?”

In a park full of hipsters trying to out cool one another Lamar takes the cake!Photobucket

I don’t think anyone was prepared for what AraabMuzik had in store for Pitchfork. I was walled in Green stage left side water bottles being splashed left and right (not mad about it at all) when all of a sudden bass and hi-hats slam the crowd in the face. AraabMuzik equipped with two MPC’s and mixer bit the head of Union Park and killed us all with bass. After about 25 minutes of watching his fingers move literally at the speed of sound I wanted to head to the back of the pack for more dancing space, of course. However there was no end to the swarm of people AraabMuzik had literally captivated and held the entire Pitchfork audience with his finger tips. the only downside to this mind blowing performance was the finale. It was far from the grand finale many anticipated, following an insane dub-step breakdown, Araab brought out Chicago rapper Chief Keef to perform his hit song “I Don’t Like”–things went south. Keef has zero to no stage presence, all bravado and understanding his verbal vomit was something no one was interested in. He simply padded the bathroom break/ beer run time before Beach House.

Last but definitely not least, Vampire Weekend took the green stage to finish out Pitchfork 2012. Singer, Ezra Koenig, had exclaimed that the band does not play very many shows, and it had been a while since they played at P4K…OH, the anticipation!!! The crowd was enthralled as the NYC quartet opened with an old favorite, “Cousins,” and continued to bring on a feeling of nostalgia. The band chugged along the nostalgia train and played their well-known, “A-Punk,” and then later “Oxford Comma,” which always makes me “laugh of loud.” As soon as the beginning guitar riff began to “A-Punk” came through the speakers, I personally felt overwhelmed. That particular song is the track in the opening scene of the comedy, “Step Brothers.” It made me reminisce of the countless times my roommates and I would watch the movie together; one of the first movies we all watched together 2 years ago upon moving in together at college…Vampire Weekend knew how to pull my heart-strings, too!! It was a beautiful night to wrap up Pitchfork 2012, right in my beautiful home of Chicago.

Shuteye at the Taste of Chi! 07.12.12


The very first, “Out On The Scene,” interview with local Chicago face-melting-rockers, Pearls & Bones.

Before the show, we got to know the bandmates who met and formed Pearls & Bones while at Columbia College Chicago. They just put out their latest EP titled “Skywalking,” that you can download for FREE on their bandcamp. Here’s their track, “Electric Churches” at their Beat Kitchen show this past June-

Pearls & Bones at Beat Kitchen 06/13/12.


Legitimate  07.03.12

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Chicago, 20 year old emcee Legit is already making his mark in the hip-hop scene with his impressive musical body of work.

On this weeks “Get Wind of” Mixtape we’re featuring our artist of the week, Legit, punk core band On A High Wire, gritty blues rockers Horus Adores Us, and another rockin’ track from face-melters Pearls & Bones.

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Are you a local musician? Submit music to “The Scene” wcrxdj@colum.edu

AudioBakery  06.26.12

Take a bit of heavy-hitting breakdowns, jazzy grooves, ambient sounds and voilá!, you have all the ingredients for a musical blend of Chicago progressive rockers, AudioBakery.

Forming in 2009, the band has been busy cooking up elaborate compositions, giving you a taste of everything. Their very first EP, “Sounds Yummy,” was released November of 2011. They have performed at Beat Kitchen, Martyr’s, and played at various festivals, including Summer Fest last summer 2011 In Milwaukee, WI.

Focusing on song writing, the band is currently working on their first full-length album.  In the mean time, satisfy your ears with their newest EP release from this summer, “The Duality Of Progress.”

On this weeks “Get Wind of” Mixtape we’re featuring our artist of the week, AudioBakery, hip-hop-pop-alternative-you-name-it Nikki Lynette, “Traphouse Rock” group Kids These Days, and alternative soul group Fly Phoenix.

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Shuteye  06.19.12

Before joining creative forces, veteran DJ/Producer Alena Ratner & award winning singer/songwriter Elysia Hang-fu, had spent several years writing and recording their own impressive body of music, which led to form the unique Chicago electronica duo Shuteye.

With the release of their debut EP Sun Night Sky this past December 2011, the duo are constantly performing in various venues around the city, some including Berlin Night Club, SubT, Schuba’s, and Metro; as well as playing in major events including Taste of Chicago and Milwaukee Pridefest. The EP is the first release off their full album “Hush Hush,” which is set to be released in 2012.

Here’s a list of upcoming shows where you can catch an electrifying Shuteye show:

Thursday July 12 @ Taste of Chicago                                                                      Sunday July 15 @ SmartBar                                                                                             Sunday August 12 @SubT                                                                                     Saturday August 18th @ Glenwood Arts Festival                                                  Saturday October 20th @ Redline Tap Room

On this weeks “Get Wind of” Mixtape we’re featuring our artist of the week, Shuteye, heavy rockers Apollo House, a power house hip-hop/soul/funk group of nine musicians that form Da$htone, and 90’s influenced pop rock group Katz Company.

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ProbCause  06.12.12

If you love hip-hop, art, and food, you should definitely check out Chicago MC, artist, and food enthusiast, ProbCause. Dropping his first album at only the age of 15,  ProbCause has been making music with no boundaries- definitely making his mark and giving the Chicago music scene a taste of everything from hip-hop to dubstep, to electronic and funk.

In August 2010, he was named “Toast of the Coast”and was voted into the North Coast Music Festival line-up, and will be playing at this Chi-town summer festival for the 3rd consecutive year. ProbCause has had great success with his viral mix-tape titled, “Stir Fry.” He has also toured as lead support with artists such as Big Sean, Twista, Machine Gun Kelly, Steve Aoki, Neon Indian, and more.

The first single off ProbCause‘s forthcoming “Recipe” Album, “Fresh Air” is scheduled to drop Fall 2012, and you can catch him at NCMF this August 31-September 2nd at Union Park. Here’s a tasty track, “Gotta Know” to appetize you until then.

On this weeks “Get Wind of” Mixtape we’re featuring our artist of the week, ProbCause, indie rockers Carbon Tigers, hip-hip/soul infused octet Sidewalk Chalk, and up & coming pop rock sextet Marina City.

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Blues Man, Eli Taber  06.05.12

With the various venues around the city and wide-ranging list of music genres and sub-genres, it’s safe to say that Chicago is home to an extremely vibrant music scene. With this musical melting pot constantly stirring, “The Scene’s” Nicki Butler & Becky Nystedt decided to pay respect to Chicago blues artists and music; some of the beginning roots of what the Chicago music scene would grow to be.

In honor of the Chicago Blues Fest this coming weekend, local singer and songwriter, Eli Taber, came in and chatted about the fest as well as his demo that is currently being recorded. Eli performs and coordinates the”Musician Series” at Potbelly Sandwich shops around the Loop, and also plays music sets and runs Columbia College’s Acoustic Kitchen open-mic nights. If that isn’t enough, Eli is a teacher and administrator to the #Blues Kids Foundation Organization, which was introduced to younger kids and aims to further develop the education and experience of blues music.

Right in the heart of Chicago, Blues Fest takes place this Friday, June 8th through Sunday, June 10th 2012 11am-9pm; Grant Park w/ free admission, great food, and great music!

On this weeks “Get Wind of” Mixtape we’re featuring our artist of the week, Eli Taber. Soul collective septet Otis, Face-melting progressive rock band AudioBakery, and raw rock ‘n’ roll band Pearls & Bones.

Be sure to tune into “The Scene” Tuesday’s from 7-9pm and Saturdays 10am-12 on 88.1 WCRXFM and streaming live WCRXFM.com

Are you a local musician? Submit music to “The Scene” wcrxdj@colum.edu

The Scene of a Perfect Kiss  05.29.12

Fresh off of the holiday weekend we kicked things into high gear with our new show ‘The Scene’ hosted by Nicki Butler and Becky Nystedt–these ladies keep the music strictly of the people, for the people, and by the people….Chicago people that is. An all local music show that shines the spotlight on our very own Windy City talent.

Wasting no time ‘The Scene’ landed the captivating new wave revivalist band Perfect Kiss. With only a little over a year into their formation Perfect Kiss has shared the stage with  heavy hitters  Kirby Kaiser, Paul Van Dyk, Green Velvet, Major Lazer and White Mystery.  If that’s not enough they’ve also headlined North Coast Music Festival and multiple Lollapalooza after parties including the Hard Rock Hotel’s highly publicized event.

Now that the new E.P is nice and crisp  their single One Kiss  building some buzz the gentlemen of Perfect Kiss are stoked to see what lies ahead this summer starting with their Official E.P Release Party July 6th at The Metro.  So time to cuddle up with some left over memorial day BBQ and get to know your new favorite local band Perfect Kiss.


On this weeks “Get Wind of” Mixtape we’re featuring our artist of the week Perfect Kiss. Neo-Soul Jazz songstress Lili K, Electro-Pop tag team SHUTEYE, and indie MC Chance the Rapper whose #10day mixtape has been blowing up the blogosphere landing him an opening slot on tour with Childish Gambino.

Be sure to tune into “The Scene” Tuesday’s from 7-9pm and Saturdays 10am-12 on 88.1 WCRXFM and streaming live WCRXFM.com

Are you a local musician? Submit music to “The Scene” wcrxdj@colum.edu


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