GEEK + All the Way Kay on The Scene

Geek by definition is a slang term for the overly intellectual or otherwise dislikable person, sounds harsh. GEEK by its musical sense takes form in two childhood friends from the south Chicago suburbs Kenan “ Kemo” Brown and Isaiah “Zaya” Davis. Kemo and Zaya stopped by The Scene last week and talked about their latest single Vamp Life, growing up with music, and why GEEK is a far cry from suspenders and pocket protectors.

Peep the interview and their single VAMP LIFE below


With 10+ years of DJ experience under her belt in Chicago All The Way Kay has probably inspired a dance floor near you at some point. Crafting a style that is her very on Kay aims for the “ hair raising moments “ in the songs. Lucky for us she stopped by The Scene and gave us some inside info on Chicago’s club history plus talked about the earlier years and how great it is to see friends rise in the industry along with her own success.

Listen to her interview with The Scene below

All the Way Kay presents Slow Jams Vol 2

The Scene airs every Tuesday from 7-9pm and Saturdays 10am -12 only on WCRX FM 88.1 Chicago’s Underground. Follow us on twitter @WCRXFM


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