Music Preview: Endless Dark

For never of leaving the country, venturing to Iceland in about a month has brought on numerous emotions. After listening to the artists on the roster for the the huge music festival, Iceland Airwaves, located in Reyjajívk, IS, I began to feel a bit more relaxed, knowing what to kind of anticipate.

Endless Dark is a metal band from Iceland that incorporates melodies into their heavy guitar riffs and intense breakdowns. I would really like to see them and perhaps interview them, as this is a type of music interests as well as the huge metal scene in Iceland. They are very young musicians but are making a name for themselves in the Icelandic music scene so far. I found a couple videos of them playing live shows in what looks like someone’s basement, which to me showed the loyalty and intimacy they had with their fan base and impact they are making. I’m very into the metal/punk/rock scene here in Chicago, and I’m very excited the similarities and differences between Chicago and Reyjajívk.


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