A Sound Choice: Looper

Science Fiction is a term that has gotten tossed around a lot these days. Seems everywhere you turn another movie is being cranked out that takes place with aliens threatening to destroy the planet in terrible hollywood fashion. I would like to take the opportunity to add what real science fiction is (or more appropriately) should be. It’s not about the big crazy guns or the gawdy CG aliens, its about the people. A major implementation of sci-fi is the presence of technology or a foreign entity from across the stars, and while all these previous things can present, the key to a good story is about humanity’s presence and place in the face of that technology or beings beyond themselves. It’s about looking inward and then outward. And I am hard pressed to find a better example of that this year than the movie “Looper”.

A hitman charged with killing targets sent to him from the future, Joe is tested when his older self is sent for him to kill and the stakes brought to new heights while both Joe’s (young and old) take stands for their past and future. The movie is a perfect example of my point that it uses technology as a tool to propel the story forward. And the soundtrack is nothing short of brilliant.

Composed by Nathan Johnson, He brings forth sounds of dread and tension that are not necessarily common for a sci-fi noir thriller but takes the listener by suprise. And it is easily my Sound Choice of the week.



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