Iceland Airwaves 2012 Artist Interview: Low Roar

It’s T minus two days until our Iceland Airwaves 2012 preview show! Here’s an interview with the artist Low Roar, who will be performing at the fest this year. Visit WCRX’s Iceland Airwaves 2012 blog for more features and tune into WCRX 88.1 FM, stream live at, or catch us on your TuneInn Radio app, on Saturday, October 13th, from 1-3pm for a live broadcast of our Iceland Airwaves 2012 preview show.

That’s Ryan Karzija. When Karazija’s former band Audrye Sessions broke up in 2010, he moved to Reykjavík from California, to start a new life and a new musical project called Low Roar. While his 2011 self-titled effort may not sound punk, it was DIY.  He says the only recording device that he had with him was his computer.

Karazija made a  record that reflected his experience of moving to a new and different place. He says he came to adapt very comfortably to the small, but very easy to network, music scene of Reykjavík.  

Karazija says that even the motives behind the music can prove to be different in Iceland.

After integrating into the local music scene, Karazija started to do as the locals do.

Karazija says adjusting to the almost 24-hour darkness of an Icelandic winter, as a Californian, was not as hard as it sounds.

Tonequake Records’ Low Roar managed to play an unofficial venue at Airwaves last year. This year the band is on the official line-up. Low Roar’s Airwaves sets will be at Harpa Kaldalón on November 2nd at 8:00pm and at 12 Tónar Records Store on November 3rd at 5:00pm.


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