Sinister – Disturbing and Terrifying, Perfect for Halloween

This weekend I went to see the move “Sinister” with my girlfriend thinking it would be yet another average horror movie capitalizing on the upcoming Halloween holiday. Little did I know, it was unlike any scary movie I have ever seen. Most horror movies are poorly written, not scary, and just an awful experience all around. Sinister put an end to this bad rep. Not only was this movie scary as hell, it was so twisted it became disturbing at some points.

The movie follows an author who writes novels regarding unsolved murder cases. To inspire the author to write his new novel he decides to move his family in the same house that the family he’s writing about was murdered in. He discovers a box of film in the attic and what he sees is disconcerting. Of course, like all scary movies, strange things begin to happen in the house.

The only negative critique I have about this movie is the ending because of it’s predictability. The director could have made the ending a bit less obvious.

What differentiated Sinister from other horror movies is how well it is written. The story line was not forced. It was original and legitimately scary. At one point I almost broke my girlfriends pinky from squeezing her hand so hard! I would recommend this movie to anyone looking to get really scared. One word of caution…if you have a weak stomach, you shouldn’t see this movie.


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