Kelsey Montanez on The Scene

After taking a two week hiatus in order to hit up Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, host a live broadcast of the presidential election, and take a deep exhale, ‘The Scene’ is back  with some HEAT for what appears to be the real deal winter weather.

No stranger to the cold Chicago weather and its vibrant music scene is Kelsey Montanez sound familiar?  Well it should.

Kelsey has been playing music around Chicago since she was a young teenager.  She’s recently been making a lot more noise with her  breakout single “Out of Sight” featuring rising Chicago hip-hop star Chance the Rapper.–but all that just scratches the surface. All four tracks, on her EP A Delightful Sadness not only showcase her soulful register, but pulls you into her emotional ride. You cheer on her in “10,000 Bombs”, feel her vulnerability in “Love Can Do”, fly with her in “Out of Sight”, and lastly become seduced in “High on Contact”A Delightful Sadness seems to be an appetizer to what we can only hope is a future melodic feast.

On the eve of the A Delightful Sadness release Kelsey stopped by The Scene to talk about making the EP,  being on American Idol, and the current creative buzz around the Windy City.


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