A New Virtual Frontier

The music industry has become a bit of a gray area now. Internet distribution and piracy have forced the business to rediscover its footing. However there is a new medium that some artists have found to be a shot in the arm for business, and its video games! While todays most popular games have music on caliber of hollywood compositions, so to is reflected in the more independent game scene. Lesser known artists are more and more beginning to lend their talents to accompany, and in some instances score, games.

Artists like Sun Kil Moon, Jose Gonzales, and Daren Korb have given songs to the virtual worlds to help paint the pictures that these games create. Even the likes of oscar winner and alt music star Trent Reznor has gone as far to compose an entire for the latest Call of Duty blockbuster game.

Now, artists lending their talents to this medium as far from novelty. Proven to boost sales of both the games and the music from it. While these artists also are given another creative medium to explore their musical capabilities. While the music business is in an odd place it is safe to say that games might be a welcome home for the struggling industry.

Above is a sample from the independet game “Bastion” with the soundtrack feturing music composed entirely from artist  Daren Korb.


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