Radio Jocks Shouldn’t be Blamed for Suicide but Radio Personalities Should Draw a Line Somewhere


Michael Christian and Mel Greig may very well be the most hated radio personalities in the world now. They are the radio DJs who prank called Kate Middleton while she was in the hospital. They didn’t expect that they would get transferred to the royal room but they did. However, the prank took a tragic turn as the nurse who transferred the two radio jocks through has now committed suicide. Though Christian and Greig apologized for the prank, they have been suspended until further notice. Some recent reports indicated the jocks voluntarily suspended themselves but they will not get fired. They’ve also gotten a lot of hate on Twitter as a result of this as well. I’m going to say that I don’t believe they should be held responsible for the suicide and I think it was wrong to suspend them. I also think the hatred on Twitter is unnecessary as well.

These two expected to be hung up on right away. It was a harmless prank and I’m sure there were other things that contributed to this woman’s death. However radio jocks should show some restraint when it comes to pranks. Remember the whole “hold your wee for a Wii” controversy a few years ago when a woman died of water intoxication? Jocks should not be allowed to do pranks that are going to put people in danger. It sounded funny at first, but it proved tragic. Anyone should know that something like this was going to end with at the bare minimum of someone getting seriously ill. Another example is when Opie and Anthony encouraged a couple to have sex in a church cathedral. I understand that some jocks like to play gags and that it helps ratings, but jocks should be held accountable if they are encouraging dangerous or illegal acts.

PS For a news update, their radio show was just cancelled.


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