Video Montage: Columbia College Iceland Airwaves’ Class of 2012

Take a look at some of the beauty that awaits when visiting Iceland and going to Iceland Airwaves. Also, don’t forget to tune in to WCRX-88.1 on Saturday, January 26 at 7 p.m. CT (and also worldwide via live stream) for the Iceland Airwaves radio documentary culled from this year’s Covering International Fests: Iceland Airwaves class.

This trip to Iceland was a once in a life time experience and the video above can’t even come close to capturing the memories made. There was so much to take in within the short time that our class was there. Starting off our trip a day late due to Hurricane Sandy, the anticipation of actually arriving was building in all of us. Once there, we took in the sights and sounds of the main town of Reykjavík, as adjunct professor Althea Legaspi gave us a tour of what would become our home for the next few days.

Looking back on our trip what captivated me the most was the features that made Iceland different than anywhere else I’ve been. The geographical landscapes within the trip to the Golden Circle will have an everlasting effect within me and most likely with the rest of our class. The beauty that Iceland is was breath taking and being coupled with Iceland Airwaves gave me memories and moments that will last with for a lifetime. What I captured is a brief summary of our trip in Iceland, and more profoundly the images that resonated most along with music from Iceland natives Asgeir Trausti and Sigur Rós.


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