Iceland Airwaves Radio Documentary Rebroadcasts Saturday, 2/2 at 11 am. Listen Now!

This past fall 2012, 10 students under the direction of adjunct professor/music critic Althea Legaspi from Columbia College Chicago, ventured to Reykjavík, Iceland, to cover the Iceland Airwaves music festival and dive into Icelandic culture.

From enjoying the Icelandic food, running from venue to venue to catch numerous amazing musical sets, sitting down and talking with artists or even just exploring Iceland’s beautiful country side, Iceland had much for us to discover.

Tune into WCRX 88.1 FM in Chicago or  live worldwide via stream for the rebroadcast this Saturday, February 2nd, 2013, at 11am and listen to the final documentary of our experiences at the Iceland Airwaves festival and the collective stories from our trip to Reykjavík.

Tune in for music and chats with FM Belfast, Árstidír, Myrra Rós, Intro Beats, Endless Dark, and Apparat Organ Quartet, as well as stories on Icelandic culture, from the music biz, to politics and even tattooing. Big thanks to Iceland AirwavesIcelandAirIcelandAir Hotel Reykjavik Marina & SlippbarinnReykjavík ExcursionsReykjavík Grapevine, KEXP, and everyone who took the time to interview with us.

You can also listen to the doc now:


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