A Viral Fad: Harlem Shake Videos


A new video fad has taken the Internet by storm, and yes I’m talking about those hilarious but obnoxious Harlem Shake videos. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Harlem Shake is a popular electronic song by Baauer, and the videos show people doing normal things while one-person dances to the song. The people doing the normal things seem to be unfazed by the one person dancing, but when the song “drops” all of these people break out into ridiculous dancing.


 Hundreds of Harlem Shake videos are popping up on the Internet, and from reading social media, it seems everyone is getting a little sick of all the copycat Harlem Shake videos. Everyone seems to be making these videos, and top NBA teams just started to join the fad. Teams such as the Miami HeatDenver NuggetsAtlanta Hawks, and many more NBA teams all posted videos to Youtube.

You may think this is all good fun, but 15 miners from Australia were fired for making one of these videos on the job. The mining company stated that the video breached the “core values of safety, integrity and excellence.” Whether you hate these videos and want them to disappear, or sit on your computer for hours watching them, you have to admit it is pretty incredible how fast fads spread on the Internet. Until a new fad pops up from the Internet soil, we will have to continue watching people do the Harlem Shake for at least a little longer.


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