BioShock Infinite: Welcome to Columbia!


Hey guys, Greg “Philly-G” here and this past week I got to play the video game, BioShock Infinite. And when I say I’ve been playing, I mean “Oh my God I can’t put the controller down because it’s so much fun!!!”

You assume the role of  Booker DeWitt, a tough as nails Pinkerton Detective in 1912 with a gambling problem. He’s offered a deal to find and rescue a young girl named Elizabeth from a floating utopia called Columbia in exchange for his debts to be repaid. But standing in his way are The Founders, the religious leaders of Columbia who rule with an iron fist, and The Vox, an army of the oppressed minorities that have lived in slavery on Columbia and are out for blood. What follows is a well-written game that is not afraid to show a time when we were racially insensitive.


“Booker and Elizabeth on the lamb!”

The game is crazy fun. It’s a first-person shooter mixed with some role-playing elements such as scavenging for money and special items like health upgrades and special weapons.

If anyone has played the first two BioShock games, then you already know the game plan. There’s a bunch of new things like different powers and weapons to beat up the bad guys. You’ve got to pick and choose your battles well and make sure you don’t waste ammo because later in the game, scrounging for money and ammo can be tough against hoards of super powered robot enemies that can rip you in half with their big metal grippers!



Elizabeth is like a guardian angel in this video game. When you’re in a pinch, she’ll toss money, ammo and health in battle to make sure you don’t die. But she can only do it a few times so you can’t rely on her 100%. She’ll help whenever she can, but there’s only so much one person can do.


“You can’t expect me to save your butt all the time, Booker.” 

All in all, I loved this game to pieces. And the ending, oh man the ending! The game has some great story telling elements that will attract a video game lover who buys games for the experience while keeping people who love action games very much entertained.

My closing thoughts. Buy it! This game is great.

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