Hey Ocean! Makes Splash In One of First US Concerts

They have been called one of Canada’s best up and coming musical acts, touring lands far beyond their hometown of Vancouver. Recently, I had the privilege of seeing and hearing the indie band, Hey Ocean up close and personal during a recent visit to our city.

When I found out that Hey Ocean! was coming to Chicago I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up because the band rarely leaves Canada. To sweeten the deal they were performing at the Township a friendly eclectic restaurant and bar that puts the artists in a position where they can better connect with the audience. I felt comfortable at this venue.  The menu was affordable and diverse and the bar offered a wide variety of local, domestic, and imported brews. This was backed by a very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Hey Ocean! performing at Township
Ashleigh Ball

As far as the actual concert, I must say that it lived up to the hype. From the very beginning the trio of Ashleigh Ball, David Beckingham, and David Vertesi had the crowd wanting more. The band has an energy that integrates the fan into the performance better than most bands can. And it never slowed down. The songs just kept coming. The only disappointment of the evening was that the time spent watching this band went by so quickly.   Even those who weren’t that familiar with the band seemed to have a good time. A major draw to the concert was the appearance of Ashleigh Ball who is appreciated for her acting and voice work in many animated programs, including her lead role in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Most of all, I loved the modesty of the band members and the fact that they actually took the time before and after the show to personally connect with the fans.

“Big Blue Wave”video

Hey Ocean! webpage

Township webpage

Listen to Justin Baczek every Thursday from 11a-3p only on WCRXFM.


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