A Storm Has Passed

Umphrey's McGee - The Bottom Half
Umphrey’s McGee – The Bottom Half

While we were busy scrounging up pennies for Record Store Day, trying to stay dry without getting swallowed up by the streets, the world lost a notable figure last week whose influence on the musical culture is worth mentioning.

Graphic designer, Storm Thorgerson, may not be recognized by name but if you’re alive today there is no doubt you’ve been influenced by his work. A founding member of the prominent British art group Hipgnosis, Storm (1944-2013) had a hand in unforgettable album covers, such as Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” from the late sixties till his death at 69 on April 18th 2013.

Storm Thorgerson
Storm Thorgerson; Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

His credits range from classic rock to electronic house music, and always leaned towards the surreal. A force to be reckoned with, Storm remained humble about his prodigal talent and considered himself “fortunate” for getting paid for his “thoughts and dreams.

So now that last week is over, and we’ve gotten our chance to dry off from the never ending rain, let’s take a moment to remember dear old Storm Thorgerson and all the work he’s done. Without his iconic work, music just wouldn’t be the same.

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