Make Your Body Glow!

By Shawn Donoghue

It’s almost beach season and you want that beach body! Every spring and early summer it’s the always the same routine, starving yourself on celery sticks and cubes of cheeseImage while pumping iron and sweating it out at the gym. This lasts for about 3 days. Then you lose your mind and eat your weight in brownie batter and cookie dough.

Break the cycle!

The only way to stick to anything that’s challenging like losing those last three poundsImage

is to make it fun! Exercise CAN be fun, and I have the perfect event for you.

A 5K glow run/dance party! [link to:]

Seriously, what could be better? You and your friends go to Soldier Field, dressed in black, get handed lots of glow sticks and other glow in the dark accessories, and go for a jog! And afterwards-you dance all night to a DJ with about 10,000 other glow enthusiasts (don’t forget- dancing is cardio too!)

Not only do you get a fantastic workout, but proceeds go to non-profit organizations d.light, and Mercy Corps. Both of these groups are dedicated to helping alleviate the suffering of children around the world. For this event, solar lanterns will be donated to the children of Somalia that live without electricity so that they can read and study at night, with clean and safe energy.

There is no downside and you reap the benefits by attending this worthy event.   You get an awesome work-out while partying through the night while helping a child get a chance to better their lives. Sign up today!

Stay tuned to Donnie, aka Shawn Donoghue every Tuesday morning from 7 to 11am for all the hottest music, celebrity gossip and event news in the city or follow her on Twitter @donniewho.


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