Derrick’s Dilemma


by: Eduardo Saldana

During every Bulls game for the past four months, fans have been wondering: “Is Derrick going to play today?” We’ve heard rumor after rumor about Rose’s imminent return, but he ‘s still not back.

People are calling him gutless, and heartless for it, like our friend Doug Gottlieb over at CBS.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 12.39.37 PM

That’s where we are at right now. The Rose saga is at a point where even media members are starting to call him names, just because Derrick is reluctant to play after suffering an ACL tear almost a full year ago.

The reason for this? Adrian Peterson, Ricky Rubio, and Iman Shumpert. After Adrian Peterson’s freak return from a torn ACL and MCL, people anticipated that Rose whould be back as well. Ricky Rubio, and Iman Shumpert suffered similar injuries, and both are back playing.

However, Rose is not Adrian Peterson, he is not Ricky Rubio, and he is not Iman Shumpert. Derrick is Derrick, and when Derrick feels he’s ready, then he’s ready. We have no say whatsoever about the condition of his body, and his physical condition shouldn’t be compared to other athletes. Each injury is different, and each player deals with the injury in HIS own way. Not our own way, HIS own way. That is important.

Rose has given everything to this city, including the city’s first MVP award since the Jordan era. He plays reckless, and takes more punishment than any player in the game today. Last year he played through numerous injuries, but for fans that’s not enough. “He’s not a leader,” they say. Yes, go and tell Bulls players that so they can laugh at you.

Derrick is 24, and has an entire career ahead of him. He will dominate again, and when he does, all of you will look dumb. 

My question to you:  Should D-Rose succumb under the pressure and come back this season?  Let me know by posting your comments on Twitter at or on Facebook at  Be ready to defend your answer!!


One thought on “Derrick’s Dilemma”

  1. I agree Derrick should play when he is ready. He is young and has his career to think about. On the other hand, he will never know how his injury will affect him until he gets on the court and plays. He could have played by now and slowly worked himself back. I think there’s another issue here not talked about. I would bet the house that the higher ups told him no matter what, sit out the year. They aren’t going any where so why come back. I am sure Derrick and the Bulls brains are the only ones that know this. They will never beat the Heat. But what if they do pull of the miracle of the century and beat the heat. Does Rose play? All of the sudden he is healed and ready…don’t count on it….Rose will be back next season with a revamped line up, let’s hope the outcome is different.

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