Acid Rap Review


When the last rapper to represent the city of broad shoulders was Chief Keef, it’s so nice to have someone who isn’t a joke to the hip-hop world, and 20 year old Chance the Rapper is far from a joke. Trippy as Cudi but smart as Wale, Chance’s new mixtape Acid Rap is groundbreaking. Stretching his voice to cartoonish heights, with beats that are just as versatile.

His subject matter jumps from everything from Jesus’ Twitter account, his favorite childhood foods (grilled cheese sandwiches) and his drugs of choice (here’s a hint, it’s not Molly.) But for as goofy as he can be, Chance is still aware of the problems that infiltrate, suffocate and corrupt his South Side home.

They murkin’ kids/They murder kids here/ Why you think they don’t talk about it?/ They deserted us here/ Where the f— is Matt Lauer at/ Somebody get Katie Couric in here/ Probably scared of all the refugees/ Look like we had a f–kin’ hurricane here/ And we shootin’ whether it’s dark or not/ I mean the days, it’s pretty dark a lot/ Down here, it’s easier to find a gun than it is to find a f—in’ parking spot/ No love for the opposition/ Specifically a cop position/ Because they’ve never been in our position/ Getting violations for the nation correlating you dry-snitchin’”

 Pusha Man

Every listen of the tape reveals something new to be excited about. Not just his talent, but his potential. Maybe rap isn’t doomed to be dominated by people that are all about the party and nothing else. Chance proves that you can mix social awareness in with your drinks and your smokes and not be thought of as an un-hip preacher.

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