Toews and the Hart


by Eduardo Saldana

Last week the NHL announced the finalists for the Hart Trophy, which is given to the league’s MVP.  Among those players who made the cut:  Sidney Crosby (Penguins), Alex Ovechkin (Capitals), and John Tavares (Islanders), and Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews. Wait, what’s that? No Jonathan Toews? Am I reading this correctly? How could this be? 

The media had it right to nominate Crosby and Tavares. Crosby had 56 points in 36 games, which is ridiculous, even if he’s the best offensive player in the game today. John Tavares led the Islanders into the playoffs. Yes, the Islanders. That in itself is an achievement, since that team relies on Tavares so much.

The Ovechkin nomination, however, is a joke. I didn’t know that you could take half the season off and still be eligible to win an MVP trophy? I wish I could take half a month off and win Employee of the Month at my job. Now, Ovechkin had the points (56), and goals (32), but Charlie Roumliotis of 88.7 WRSE said it best.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 1.20.10 PM

Toews is widely considered as one of the most complete forwards in the game today. He had a plus/minus rating of +28, which was good for the top 5 in the NHL. He consistently went up against the top lines of every team in the league and shut them down. Toews does it all, and how he still hasn’t gotten any recognition is beyond me.

Not only does Toews deserve to be a Hart finalists, but he deserves to win the damn thing.

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