“Backyard Oil” Stars

by Stephen Baker  

imagesTake one part southern gentleman, add one part oil tycoon, and mix in a colorful group of friends and you’ve got the next big tv reality show hit!  Discovery Channel’s “Backyard Oil” is burning up the ratings. Hot on the heels of the first season’s success, headliners Jimmy Reliford and long time friend, Rascal, joined me on WCRX-FM  to talk about the show.

Jimmy has been a part of the Kentucky oil scene for over 30 years and talks about his journey from everyday oil man to tv celebrity. He also explains how a $3,000 rooster named Melvin came to be a part of the show’s family. Long-time friend, John Rascal, or Rascal as he’s referred to, is a former coal miner-turned oil man. After buying a piece of property from another one of the show’s characters, he struck it rich, successfully finding oil in his first three wells. He gives a little insight about what it was like to tape the show.

To contact the crew use the links below

Show page: https://www.facebook.com/BackyardOil?fref=ts

Jimmy Reliford:  facebook.com/jimmyreliford

John Rascal:  twitter.com/oilrascal

Listen to me, Stephen Baker on “Alternative Spot” only on WCRXFM and WCRXFM.com every Monday night from 7 to 9pm.


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