How to grill the best burger EVER!

by Kristina Sutton

I’m not here to brag, but I recently discovered a really simple recipe to the best charcoal burger I’ve ever grilled. SERIOUSLY.


As your friend and food guide, I just wanted to advise you, the discerning meat lover, to make this as soon as possible before summer ends.

*serves 3-4

Things you need:

-1 1/2lbs of raw ground chuck (cold out of the fridge)

-6 table spoons of garlic powder

-4 table spoons of onion powder

-salt and pepper

-Swiss cheese slices

-Brioche hamburger buns

-(optional) extra virgin olive oil to brush onto your grill before you put the meat on

Prep work:

1. Start with 1 1/ 2 lbs of raw ground chuck in a bowl

2. Add 3 table spoons of garlic powder

3. Add 2 table spoons of onion powder

4. Add salt and pepper until you can visibly see it on the top of the meat pile

5. Mix it with your hands

6. Add the remaining onion and garlic powder. Also salt and pepper again

7. Mix again

8. Take chunks of the meat and roll them into balls about the size of your palm

9. Flatten the balls into round discs

*You can use a little more or less according to your taste. The important thing is that the ingredients are visible on the meat and that the meat SMELLS good.

On to the grill!!

1.Start your fire by stacking all the charcoal in a pyramid, add lighter fluid and light. NEVER add lighter fluid to an already lit fire. Definitely a hazard.  (remember to let all the coals turn white and then spread them evenly before you put your grill grate back on to heat up.)

2. You know your grill is ready if you brush some olive oil on the grate and you hear a sizzle.   (olive oil helps to keep the meat from sticking to the grill and also can add a bit of flavor!)

3. Pop your burgers on the grill (by now they should be room temp) and cook until you have a burger that you’re happy with (i.e. medium rare, well done etc.)

4. Let each side cook until it’s done.  (Tip: you know your burger is done if you can stick a fork in it and the fork slides right out)

5. Add Swiss cheese for the final touch and you’re good to go!

kmsfinished buger

Mmmmmm.  You just grilled the best burger EVER!

Listen to me, Kristina Sutton every Monday from 11-3pm only on WCRXFM and  If you have some cool recipes that you’d like to share, contact me at:                      @kristinamsutton


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