The Other “Butcher” Cover

By Justin Baczek

Probably the most notable collectible controversial album cover during the 1960’s would have been the “Butcher album” by the Beatles. The cover displayed the group in butcher smocks with bloody meat and decapitated baby dolls on the cover.  Many album covers were deemed too controversial after already being released. My personal favorite is Three Dog Night’s eleventh album, “Hard Labor.”  Why is this particular record my favorite? Because I actually happen own a copy [or two].

The uncensored cover

A little background on the album…the original artwork depicted a, ah, let’s just say a mannequin giving birth to a record in a hospital room.

The record was already printed when the recording company, Dunhill decided to get rid of the graphic cover. A huge bandage was placed over most of the artwork. The already printed album covers had an actual decal on the album front while all new vinyl and 8 Track issues had the bandage printed. A few copies of the album survived uncensored and I was lucky enough to pick one up off of eBay for about $35.  I should mention that the aforementioned Beatles album,  goes for a few thousand.

A couple of weeks ago I managed to find a second copy of the “Hard Copy” album uncensored in a store’s 50 cents bin.

Another reason that I love this album so much is because  it features my favorite song by Three Dog Night.  The song is a version of Leo Sayer’s The Show Must Go On.

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