Apple Ipad VS. Microsoft Surface

by Caitlin Sepessey

surface_mini pad

As a Radio Broadcasting student focusing on social media I have decided its time to “update” my electronic devices. I recently went into my Apple store and purchased the Ipad Mini. As an Apple “addict” I was really excited to own yet another Apple device. However, after I got the “Mini” home and set up it up I have decided I’m not a fan after all.

I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised that I’m not a fan. The Ipad Mini is less than half the size of my regular Ipad. My Ipad is great for my daily commute on the train or for when I go home to Michigan while riding on Amtrak. The Ipad allows me to watch movies or read a good book without having to lug my Macbook around. However, when it comes to tweeting and using Facebook, or any other social media site, I prefer to use my regular Macbook which has an actual keyboard and mouse not just the tip of my finger.

I told some friends about my “dilemma” and they have all suggested I check out the Microsoft tablet known as “The Surface.” While it’s smaller than a regular computer it has a keyboard you can just snap on. The Surface is also about half the price of the Apple Ipad, which starts out at $400 for the newest model.

The Surface also has several features that the Ipad does not offer. For example, on the Surface you can create a word documents or even a full PowerPoint presentation but you can’t do these simple tasks on the Ipad or the Ipad Mini.

Another huge advantage to the Surface is its portability. As a Radio major who is doing Social Media for WCRX Radio I need to be able to “Tweet” and post to Facebook on the go. It’s so much easier when I don’t have to lug my computer around.

One of the main reasons I am against getting the Surface is not having the ability to download the same apps that are available on the Ipad. The Surface doesn’t have the ability to post pictures to the social media sites with just the touch of my finger, or click of a mouse. But if I use the apps on my Ipad I can post the same picture to both sites at the same time. For example on the Ipad, I can use the Instagram app to post a picture to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time, but on the Surface I would have to take the picture, save it, and then upload it to each site one at a time.

So technology fans and experts which one do I choose? It’s Microsoft’s Surface Tablets vs. Apple’s Ipad.  Do you have a favorite “device?” If so let me know why.

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