Bears Bites: The Future of Jay Cutler

footballTis the season to be jolly. It’s the fall going into winter. It’s a time when football fans everywhere are energized and excited about their favorite football teams.

Some teams won’t disappoint with what look’s like future Hall of Famers at the helm: There’s New England with Tom Brady, New Orleans with Drew Brees, Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers, and of course the Chicago Bears with Jay Cutler. Wait one second! Did I dare include Jay Cutler in a conversation with three of the greatest quarterbacks in modern history. With a combined five Superbowl titles, and three MVP trophy’s the Bears’ own Jay Cutler accounts for zero of the the latter. Is Jay Cutler really the franchise quarterback that he’s been hyped up to be?


Well since coming to the Chicago Bears in 2009 Jay Cutler hasn’t even made a Pro Bowl appearance. In fact, his last Pro Bowl appearance was back in 2008 when he was quarterback of the Denver Broncos. So, a more fitting question for this blog would be is Jay Cutler worth a contract extension in one of the greatest football cities in a country where football is deemed America’s sport?   Don’t get me wrong, Jay Cutler has one of the strongest arms in football. He is certainly a quarterback that can bring excitement to a football team with his confidence, and gutsy ability to throw the ball downfield in tight spots. He has led the Bears to one NFC championship game back in 2011 in which he left the game early and was later criticized for his lack of toughness. Let me be the first to say, Jay Cutler doesn’t lack toughness. Hence, he’s one of the toughest quarterbacks to play the position.

Over the past few years The Bears offensive line has been horrible. But, a bad offensive line didn’t stop Aaron Rodgers who was taken down a league leading 37 times in 2009 from making a Pro Bowl appearance. So, I guess we can throw that bad offensive line excuse out the window for Cutler’s inconsistency.   Brandon Marshall is Cutler’s number one target. But, the league has adjusted to the tandem and often times double cover Marshall which forces Cutler to dump the ball in the backfield to versatile running back Matt Forte.

Opposing defenses can frustrate Cutler with defensive schemes. This same frustration is reason to believe that Jay Cutler is not worth another contract extension from the Chicago Bears. He is an unbelievable talent without a question. But, leadership is what could take this Bears team to the next level. Cutler’s demeanor when things aren’t going his way is visible even by the blind. The Bears have the tradition of being tough, gritty, and a hard working blue collar football team. Cutler on the other hand is a whiner.   If I had a quarterback on my team that is a whiner than he better be a proven winner.

In the NFL, the only way to be a proven winner is to win a Superbowl title. Cutler has taken the Bears close only once! Even Rex Grossman who is not even half as accurate as  Cutler, was able to get the Bears to the Superbowl. The difference is attitude.  Cutler is an unbelievable talent, however I think the Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler experiment may be coming to an end as the season progresses.   Regardless of how the team does this year I don’t believe Jay Cutler will ever get to the next level of being an NFL elite quarterback.

I say don’t resign Cutler.  This could be an opportunity for the Bears to go after a younger, more consistent, and better mannered leader to assume the quarterback position. Cutler is a good quarterback and that can’t be taken away from him. But, what can be taken away is his demeanor and the negative vibe that he comes with.

A team is exactly what it sounds like, a team. There shouldn’t be players chewing other players out on the sideline, or pouting after a bad call.   With that being said, Jay Cutler is not worth a contract extension in a season where he has the football world at his fingertips and has yet to show any growth, not physically, but mentally.

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