Tame Impala/White Denim at the Riveria Theatre 10.10.13

By Sean Wilmsen

Australian psychedelic rock group, Tame Impala, recently took to the stage at the sold out Riveria Theatre, and they did not disappoint. The show started off with a bang during the opening band, White Denim, rockers from Austin, Texas. White Denim is releasing a new album, Corsica Lemonade, in which the band showcases their excellent musicianship and outstanding vocals. Throughout their opening set I kept telling myself, “This band sounds identical to their past albums.” Standout performances of the night included the off timing drumming of “At Night in Dreams” off their new album, and a track off of their last album D, “River to Consider” which contained an extended jam that had a very Phishy sound to it. White Denim exceeded my high expectations, and if you have the chance to see them, I highly recommend it.

Once Tame Impala took the stage the 5-piece group wasted no time getting into their psychedelic sound, and the show blasted off into another planet with their track, “Endors Toi”. The band was accompanied by an incredible light rig and a backdrop screen that projected trippy patterns throughout the show.


Tame mixed up their setlist throughout the show, playing songs from both their new album Lonerism, and their first release Innerspeaker. I commend the sound engineer for Tame Impala because The Riv sounded incredible. The sound surrounded the entire venue and made each person feel as if they were standing right in front of the band. The highlight of the night came in the middle of the set when Tame dove into their song, “Half Full Glass of Wine”. The middle of the song contained a jam that is not on the studio release. The jam was simple, patient and had the entire place, especially the floor, rocking out. The band ended their set with “Apocalypse Dreams,” and encored with fan favorite “Feels Like We’re Only Going Backwards” and they closed the night with “Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control” a song off of Lonerism that features the incredible falsetto voice of Kevin Parker. The show ended with the band rocking out, and guitarist and lead singer, Parker, lying on his back playing guitar. The 15-song setlist was the longest on their tour so far. Tame Impala has made two incredible records, and their live show is the real deal. I went into this show knowing it was going to blow me away, and it did even more than that.

Listen to Tame Impala, White Denim, and more every Monday night from 9-11PM as Sean Wilmsen hosts Jam on Mondays on WCRX 88.1 FM.

Tame Impala 10.10.13 Setlist

  1. Endors Toi
  2. Solitude Is Bliss
  3. Alter Ego
  4. Music to Walk Home By
  5. Why Won’t They Talk to Me?
  6. Desire Be Desire Go
  7. Half Full Glass of Wine
  8. Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?
  9. Elephant
  10. Be Above It
  11. Oscilly
  12. Mind Mischief
  13. Apocalypse Dreams


14. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

15. Nothing that Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control


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