Off The Bench: Washington 45 Bears 41


by Eduardo Saldana

It was an exciting game in Washington Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately, the Bears were on the losing end.

Here are some of the good and bad things from this game.

(+)Matt Forte

Matt Forte has struggled to get it going on the ground, but on Sunday, he broke through for 3 rushing touchdowns, including a beautiful 50-yard score in the 3rd quarter. The offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage, giving Forte time to make his reads and cuts. It was a great game from the running back, which bodes well moving forward.

(+)Josh McCown

The Bears back-up quarterback came in for Jay Cutler in the 2nd quarter and was fantastic. McCown threw for 204 yards and 1 touchdown, and had a passer rating of 119.6. Not bad for a second stringer, even though Washington’s defense was awful. It’s going to be interesting to see how he fares against Green Bay now that Jay Cutler will be out for an extended period of time.

Speaking of Jay Cutler….

(-)Jay Cutler’s injury

It was a normal play that we see in the NFL. A quarterback drops back, takes the sack, and gets up to get ready for the next play. However, this time, the quarterback stayed down. Jay Cutler grabbed his hip area, and was immediately tended to.  Cutler is a tough guy that always gets up, but this time he couldn’t. He was in pain, and it could be ugly. Cutler has been carrying this team so far this season, and with him being out for a long time this could spell trouble for a Bears team that is in the middle of a playoff race. His scheduled MRI reveals that he’ll be out at least for four weeks.

(-)O Defense, Where Art thou?

The defense has been struggling this year, but this is the worst defensive display we’ve seen from the Bears in a very long time. They gave up 45 points and 499 yards of total offense, including 3 rushing touchdowns. For a team that has always been about the defense, this is troubling.

There’s not much more to say about that.

(-)Chris Conte

Chris Conte is part of the Bears awful defense, but he deserves his own separate mention. Time after time again the guy couldn’t tackle or cover. He was responsible for two of Washington’s touchdown throws, including a 45-yard touchdown pass from Robert Griffin III were he fell down after coming in contact with Aldrick Robinson. Someone show him the weight room.

The 4-3 Bears now head to a bye week, and have a lot of injuries to contend with before  an important match-up with the first place Green Bay Packers.

Want more Bears talk from @eduardogsr1990? Tune into The Benchwarmers Show Saturday’s to 88.1 WCRX from 9-11am. 


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