Iceland Culture: Fashion Inspired By The Land

We depart for Iceland tomorrow night (10/29)! Here’s a teaser of a cultural story Michelle is pursuing. Follow Columbia students’ journey, which begins October 30, on the Iceland Airwaves 2013 blog.

Iceland’s unique landscape inspires different types of art, and that includes the fashion world. Many of the styles provide a look into the country’s history or an idea of its natural environment.

In one story for consideration in our upcoming Iceland radio documentary we’ll explore Iceland’s fashion and we’ll be talking to Katrín Káradóttir, who’s an adjunct professor in fashion at the Iceland Academy for the Arts as well as Head of Design at Ella. We’ll also speak with two artists performing at this year’s Iceland Airwaves: Jara and Sóley, both integrate a type of Viking-tribal look into their style, with feathers and horns and face paint and headdresses.

Nordic Style Magazine covers all categories of lifestyle in Iceland. Soffía Theódóra, Editor-in-chief and founder of the magazine will touch on what attracted her to Icelandic fashion and explain some of the country’s unique trends.

We’ll explore the fashion brands and trends in Iceland to get a taste of Icelandic style and how it affects culture.


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