Iceland Airwaves Day Three: Kithkin, Pascal Pinon (11/1)

Today I spoke with Jara about her love of the sea and how she’s currently working on two albums. I look forward to reviewing her performance tomorrow at 8:00 in Hressó.

Afterwards I walked around town with a few of my fellow bloggers admiring the graffiti, going in and out of record stores, thrift shops and the Phallological Museum.

I got some hot Icelandic fashion advice and information from Ragnheiður Friðriksdóttir, Reykjavík Concierge‘s shopping guide.

Soffía Theódóra, the creator of Nordic Style Magazine met me to talk more about fashion and her magazine that just recently turned one year old. Stay tuned for my story on Icelandic fashion.

I stepped into Amsterdam just in time to catch Nolem, a rap/jam set. The band was joined with other fellow rappers all donning beards and flannel. And as the guitarist (who is not actually a part of the group) wailed out a whammy-filled solo, the rapper exclaimed, “This is the first white-rapper guitar solo in the history of music. Enjoy it while it lasts!”

8:00 Kithkin @ Gamli Gaukurinn.

What a nice way to get out of my folk funk! Folk music is great, but after hours and days of calm and beautiful, it is nice to have a little rowdy. The band started instantly with one keyboard and threw drums banging out loud noise, the people screaming. What else is to be expected but intense sound slapping you in the face, blown speakers and amplifier feedback? It was all accounted for.

The crowd jumped and swayed and yelled right back. Beer was thrown at the party spraying everywhere. If you were at this show and you weren’t sweating, you were doing it wrong.

Kithkin calls itself “tree punk,” which is a great way to describe their strange grunge-punk ways. “Spirit Treader,” the singer, bassist and one of the drummers, jumped and disappeared into the crowd. Guitarist, vocalist and drummer “Shredder” threw his guitar behind his head as he strummed furiously.


In the last song the group howled, “I hope we survive,” and that’s exactly the vibe the show gave off. It was definitely a great band if you need a place to head bang your heart out. Kithkin will be playing later with Sin Fang.

10:40 Pascal Pinon @ Harpa Kaldalón

These two sisters are adorable and talented. Their modesty and sincerity is undeniable. Jófríður told the packed venue that she didn’t expect this many people due to the other great bands performing tonight, and followed up with, “So, we are going to play something unusual,” and she let her beautiful, delicate voice float through the air.

Amid their loving and playful sister-banter, for example, she said, “We’ve been playing this song for over 100 years now, and my sister still doesn’t know it,” they continued to unleash their breathy voices that matched up in a magical harmony. Their second song was still without a title, and while Ásthildur was moving from piano to guitar Jófríður mentioned, “This is the most complicated vocal arrangement we have ever done, but it doesn’t sound complicated. That’s the point.”

They ended the set with, “a short and sweet song by our friend’s favorite musician; Kanye West.”


Goat and Effed Up both put on amazing shows and demanded everyone’s attention. The energy in the room was amazing and is necessary at Airwaves and anywhere.

Many of us ended the night at the only Icelandic Kareoke bar in Reykjavík.


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