Iceland Airwaves Day 5: flea market, swimming, ÆLA

Another early morning. Having not had the opportunity to sleep in for the past week in combination of staying out until at least 2:00 every evening to see shows is finally taking it’s toll on me. You can bet your life savings that I will sleep for a solid 24 hours upon my return to Chicago.

We woke up and went to Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina for some ULTRA FUN ICELAND STUFF!!!***

***If typing up stories and outlines counts as “ultra fun Iceland stuff. We didn’t come here to play–if it happens along the way it’s purely coincidental.

Well, that sounded a little harsh. Especially considering our teacher took us to a super rad flea market once our work was done. I picked up a good wool hat on the cheap, and a Graphic novel written in Icelandic depicting a cowboy taking out some bad guys south of the border (perhaps books like this are why so many Icelanders we’ve spoken to want to visit Texas…)

After the cheap shopping, we boarded a bus and head into the country side. It was stunning–snowy mountains and valleys, steaming in parts where the Earth was releasing thermal energy. We passed sheep farms and Icelandic horse farms–yes, Icelandic horses are different than normal horses. They have weirdly short legs with normally-sized horse bodies (imagine what would happen if a Dachshund were to morph into a horse)

Our final destination were geo-thermally heated hot tubs at Fontana Geothermal Baths. They were heavenly. We sat in hot baths for an hour or so, outside in the chilly 34 degree air, enjoying the scenic mountainous backdrop.

Tonight’s final show for me was ÆLA, and man what a show it was. Post-punk rhythm and rock.  Well rehearsed and fun to watch. The lead singer eventually stripped down to fishnets and a skirt and ran out into the audience to play guitar several times. And I have to say it was a wonderful way to end this Airwaves festival.


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