Iceland Airwaves Day Four: Fears, Sign, Legend, Royal Canoe (11/2)

I woke up before the sun was in the sky, my morning was different than my past two. Normally I would have went downstairs for breakfast, this morning I went downstairs to take a bus ride toward the south side of Iceland.

Today I went on the Golden Circle tour around Iceland. On our way to the first destination we got to see the rural landscape of the country. The land differed from desolate areas covered in snow to vibrant areas in the plains.

SAMSUNGWe saw the forces of nature that make up Iceland and made me see the country as a frightening place of beauty. We saw mountains covered in snow, natural waterfalls, and volcanoes. We saw steam shoot out of the ground and disperse and left only the smell of sulfur.

After the tour I went back to my room to change clothes for the KEX hostel party. I stood in a room with people of my future profession. I felt an unparalleled amount of intimidation as I stood around.SAMSUNG

I left the KEX hostel to return home to prepare to review the line-up set to perform at Gamli Gaukurinn that night: Fears, Sign, Legend, and Royal Canoe.

Fears put on an excellent show. Their alternative rock sound combined with their captivating lyrics makes for easy and enjoyable listening. They started off with a little technical difficulty with a mic issue, but it was immediately solved right before the group started their first song. Though it was a bad start, it didn’t take anything away from their performance.

Sign started out with a dark and omnious opening, then the show began with golden lightsSAMSUNG flashing and the loud bang of plucked guitar strings. The show was a spectacle from beginning to end that was a must see. Each band member brought furiosity and energy onto the stage as they jumped around and bobbed their heads and played. The lead singer, Ragnar Zolberg, kept the fans captivated with his voice and skills on guitar. He was focused on performing, not missing a beat even when bombarded by flash photography. The crowd were filled with curious viewers as well as core fans. By the end of the performance, fans were chanting “Ghostly We Walk”, hoping to hear the song before the band got off stage. They were obliged and the performance ended in applause.

Due to a lot of technical difficulties and mishaps, Legend’s show was very lacking, good but lacking. Because Legend was having a problem with the stage equipment, they didn’t actually perform until at least ten minutes after they were suppose to begin. Because of that, Legend’s set was also cut short. They continued to play until the end when a bottle was thrown on stage and shattered. The lead singer screamed obscenities at the thrower until he was removed from the building. Legend’s sound is a combination of electro, with rocks and bits of punk. I would have like to have heard more from Legend, but it seems it wasn’t their night.

Royal Canoe was an interesting performance. The music was a combination of pop and alternative rock with a form of auto tune. The group was very lively as they played and displayed a positive and relaxing feeling the more the music played. The songs were upbeat and brought a soothing calm. There was no big and fancy set up while they played but it wasn’t at all necessary. It was a good show.


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